Helping Parents Log into the Parent Dashboard

When a parent submits a request for information or enrollment form for the first time, or requests a new password, they will automatically receive a system generated temporary password from CampSite. On some occasions, parents may encounter difficultly logging on to the Parent Dashboard when re-typing their temporary password.

We recommend that the parent copy and paste the temporary password rather than re-typing it into the Parent Dashboard log in page. In addition, the parent should confirm that the log in email address they are using is correct. Their log in email address is the email address at which they received the temporary password.

In the event that the parent is still unable to log into the Parent Dashboard, we ask that you please take the following steps:

Reset the Parent Dashboard Password Manually


On the Family Profile Page, confirm that P1 has a valid email address on file and that it is the same email address the parent is using to log in to the Parent Dashboard.


Go to the Family Profile Page Action Menu and choose "Reset Dashboard password".


A pop-up window will appear that asks you to enter a new password and choose whom you would like to reset the password for.

  1. Enter a new password. (Remember passwords are case-sensitive).
  2. Choose which parent you would like to reset the password for. We recommend doing this for P1 during the troubleshooting process.
  3. Click "Reset password".


Log out of the Administrative side of CampSite.

Log on to the Parent Dashboard as the Parent


Next, pretend you are the parent whose password you have just reset and log on to the Parent Dashboard.

  1. Use P1's email address as confirmed in the first step of this process.
  2. Enter the new password you have created for this parent. (Remember password are case-sensitive)
  3. Click "Log in".


You should now see the Parent Dashboard Welcome Page with all the information you provided indicating that you have successfully reset the P1's Parent Dashboard password!

This confirms the log in credentials you have used are valid and can now be given to the parent to log in.

Inform the Parent

Now that you have successfully reset P1's Parent Dashboard password, you should contact the parent whom had difficulty logging into the Parent Dashboard and walk them through the steps you just took to log on to the Parent Dashboard.


Once the parent is logged on to the Parent Dashboard, they can change their password to something they will easily remember by choosing "My account" from the navigation bar.


On the "My account" page, parents can change their password by entering a new password (minimum of 6 characters) and then re-typing to confirm their new password (remember password are case-sensitive).

  1. Enter a new password.
  2. Confirm new password.
  3. Click "Submit new password".


A green box will appear at the top of the screen indicating that the password was successfully changed. The next time the parent logs in to the Parent Dashboard, they will use the new password they just created.

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