Creating Printed Forms

Creating a printed form allows you to upload a file that can be downloaded by Parents and Staff on the Parent or Staff Dashboard, filled out and uploaded once complete.


To create a new printed form, select "+Add new form..." within the appropriate scope (Permanent, Yearly, Session).


  1. Enter the name of the form
  2. Select "Printed"
  3. Click "+Upload file..." to select a blank printed form from your computer
  4. Enter a due date, if applicable
  5. You may choose to post a charge to the family or staff member's account upon submission of the form. If you select "yes" you will be prompted to select the charge category, enter the amount and a description.
  6. Choose if you would like to make the form active. You should leave the form inactive until you are done building it.
  7. Choose if you would like to allow the form to be edited through the Parent or Staff Dashboard after submission. Making a form editable will allow the user to come back and make changes to it later.
  8. Making a form "Enrolled only"" will make a form available only to enrolled campers. The form will not show up on the dashboard for families if their campers are unenrolled. Note: This option appears ar "Hired only?" when creating Staff forms.
  9. Click "Submit" to save


The new form has been added to the list of forms. Gray italics indicate that the form is inactive.

Double-click in the "Active?" column to make the form active on the Parent or Staff Dashboard.


The form is now active and can be viewed on the Parent or Staff Dashboard.

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