Forms Overview

Creating forms allows you to collect information about Campers and Staff online through the Parent and Staff Dashboards.

Forms are organized into Permanent, Yearly and Session scopes.

  • Permanent forms are filled out once per Camper or Staff
  • Yearly forms contain information you would like to collect on an annual basis
  • Session forms are linked to specific camp sessions, and will only appear on the Parent Dashboard if their camper is enrolled, or the Staff Dashboard if the Staff member is hired, for the session the form pertains to.

Camper Forms


To create Camper forms, select "Camper forms" from the Camper dropdown menu on the navigation bar.


Staff Forms


To create Staff forms, select "Staff forms" from the Staff dropdown menu on the navigation bar.


Forms Overview


  1. Double-click and drag to reorder the forms
  2. Double-click to edit the form
  3. Click to preview the form
  4. Click the printer icon to print web forms.
  5. Click the zip icon to generate a .zip file of printed forms which will be e-mailed to you
  6. Double-click to edit the name of a form
  7. Form type
  8. Double-click to change the due date
  9. Click to change the charge associated with a form
  10. Double-click to change form availability to enrolled/unenrolled Campers or hired/unhired Staff
  11. Number of forms submitted
  12. Double-click to change whether or not a submitted form can be edited
  13. Double-click to change a form from active to inactive, and vice-a-versa
  14. Double-click the red minus sign to delete a form
  15. Click to copy yearly forms to another year, or session forms to another session
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