Setting up your Bunking Boards

Bunking Boards allow you to easily organize your campers into Divisions and Bunks. Each camper's name appears on a tile that can be dragged and dropped into their summer home.

You can create separate bunking boards for male and female campers, or have a gender neutral bunking board. During your pre-training consultation we will discuss what type bunking board will work best for your camp based on your division set-up.


To access Bunking Boards, select "Bunking boards" from the Camper dropdown menu on the navigation bar.


Creating divisions & bunks


  1. Select the session and if applicable, gender, you would like to make the bunking board for
  2. Click "+Add a new division..."


  1. Enter the name of the new division
  2. Click "Submit" to save


The new division has been created.

To add a bunk to the division, click "+Add a new bunk..."


  1. Enter the name of the bunk
  2. Click "Submit" to save


The new bunk has been added to the division.


  1. Double-click to edit the maximum number of campers in the bunk
  2. Double-click to edit the maximum number of staff in the bunk


The maximum capacities are now indicated. Note: Orange text indicates that there are fewer than three spots available. Once capacity is reached, the text will turn red.


Continue adding bunks and divisions for the Session and gender chosen.

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