Resetting Staff Dashboard Passwords

After your data has been imported into CampSite, you will need to inform staff of their login details for the Staff Dashboard in order to allow them to manage all of their information online.

Resetting Staff Dashboard Passwords


To do a mass reset of Staff Dashboard passwords, select Advanced reports: Staff from the Staff dropdown menu on the navigation bar.


  1. By default, all hired staff will be included. If you only wish to reset the password for staff with specific statuses, choose the appropriate check-boxes
  2. You can narrow down the list of Staff further by applying a filter
  3. Once your report includes the correct Staff, click the envelope icon above the table



The WYSIWYG tool to send an e-mail to staff will open.

  1. Create an e-mail message using the WYSIWYG tool
  2. Below the WYSIWYG, select "+Reset Staff Dashboard passwords..."


  1. Select "Reset Staff Dashboard passwords" to confirm that you would like to reset passwords for all staff you are e-mailing. Staff will receive two e-mails: One with the message you created in the WYSIWYG and one with login informaiton for the Staff Dashboard.
  2. Click "Send e-mail" to send the message you created with the WYSIWYG and the new password for the Staff Dashboard
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