Managing Door-to-Door Vehicles

Vehicle Settings

Click "Manage vehicle settings..."

Adjust the vehicle name, address, and capacity.

Route Details

View the current route. Stops are listed in chronological order, displaying the stop address and which camper(s) are being picked up or dropped off.

Change the route

To change the route, click to drag & drop campers into a different order.

Add/remove campers

Add more campers to a vehicle by editing each camper's "vehicle" setting.

Edit an individual camper's vehicle setting via their profile page; or edit multiple campers' vehicles at once by mass editing an advanced report.

For more details on adding/removing campers, click here to read our FAQ.

Redo route

If you need to make significant changes to the route, you can "start over" by:

  1. Removing all campers/staff from the vehicle (click here to learn how)
  2. Releting the vehicle
  3. Creating a new vehicle and using the vehicle wizard

Add counselors

Select from any of the counselors assigned to the overall door-to-door bus.

  • No staff listed? Go back to the bus page and add counselors first.

The counselor will be added to the route. Drag & drop them to a different rank in the route order if needed.

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