Donation + Extended Payments Module - Overview

The Donation + Extended Payments module allows your camp to collect payments from 3rd parties via a secure online Donor Dashboard.

From the admin side, each donor will have a profile page containing their personal data and payment history, with features for manually creating & refunding payments; sending emails; and other basic profile functionality.

Creating Donors in your Database

Donors can create their own account via your database's Donor Registration form. Admins can also create Donors manually via the "Add a Donor" page.

Learn more about creating donors here.

Donor Payments

Donor payments come in two forms: "General donations" and "Extended payments."

  • General donations are payments that a donor can make at will, for any amount of their choosing, as a "general" donation to your camp.
  • Extended payments* are payments of a designated amount that get assigned to a specific family's balance, to reduce the amount that the family is responsible for paying. 
    • This allows third-parties like relatives, family friends, government agencies etc. to make contributions towards a family's camp fees (using a secure portal).
    • Extended payments must be initiated by an admin user through a "payment request." Click here to learn more.

Making Payments

Donors can make payments via their account for your Donor Dashboard. Admins can also manually post payments on the Donor's behalf via the Donor's profile page.

Donor Profile Page

Use the "General donation" and "Payment requests" tabs on each donor's profile page to create payments manually; request extended payments; issue refunds; and manage their saved payment methods.

Note: Admin users must create a "payment request" before a Donor can make an extended payment.

Learn more about using the:

Admin Tools

Module Settings

Configure the administrative settings for the Donor module via Admin > Donors tab.

To learn more, click here.

Donor Profile Pages

In addition to managing donor payments, admins can also use the donor profile page to:

  • add/delete saved payment methods
  • send emails
  • edit custom fields; manage notes; generate documents; and labels
  • manually reset the donor's Dashboard password

Advanced Reports

The Donor Advanced Reports tool allows you to report on donor data in mass.

Financial Reports

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