Creating a Donor Account

Donors can create their own account via the Donor Registration form; or, you can create their account manually via the "Add a Donor" page.

If you create their account manually, in order to also grant them login credentials to access their account for the Donor Dashboard, you'll want to make sure you add their email address to their profile and then trigger a password reset. Read more in the "Grant them Donor Dashboard access" section below.

Donor Registration Form

Provide donors the link to your Donor Registration Form in order for them to create their own account. Your Donor Registration Form URL is your camp's standard URL, ending in /donor-register.

For example,

Donors must provide their full name, email, and create a password for their account.

Fields for collecting their phone numbers and address also appear on the form, but are not mandatory.

After clicking the "Submit registration" button, the donor's account is created and they're logged into the Donor Dashboard:

Add Donor Page

Create their account

Set up a Donor profile/account manually by hovering over the Donors menu and clicking the "Add New Donor" link.

Provide the donor's first and last name and submit:

You'll be redirected to the donor's new profile page. Double click to edit fields/add more information.

Grant them Donor Dashboard access

In order for the donor to log into their new account for your Donor Dashboard, you'll need to:

  1. Add their email address to their profile
  2. Email them the link to reset their password

Click to send email them the password reset link:

The donor will receive the following email with a link to set their password. After setting their password, they'll be logged into their account for the Donor Dashboard.

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