Setting up the Transportation Module - Overview

If you haven't already been trained on the Transportation Module, watch our training video here first.

Follow the steps below to set up and start using the Transportation module.

1. Create Buses

First, create all of the buses (a.k.a. bus routes) that you need.

There are central location buses (which pickup and dropoff at one specific location); defined stop buses (which pickup and dropoff at specific stops that you define); and door-to-door buses (which pickup and dropoff at each family's address).

For a more detailed explanation on how to create buses, click here.

2. Create Session Groups

To create a session group, select specific sessions and specific buses to "group" together. Campers who enroll for any of those sessions can then select/be assigned to the buses added to the group as well.

When creating your Session Groups, note that campers can only choose (1) arriving method and (1) departing method per Session Group.

  • To have campers to choose the same arriving/departing method for all of the sessions they're attending, create (1) Session Group and add all of your sessions to it.
  • To let campers choose a different arriving/departing method for each session they're attending, create a different Session Group for each session.

Each Session Group comes with its own transportation form for parents to select their camper's transportation methods (if/when you activate the form). See below for more details.

3. Add Buses to Session Group(s)

Click on the name of a Session Group and scroll down to the Arriving and Departing Buses. Click to 'add' a bus and select from the buses you already created on the Transportation Dashboard.

Campers enrolling for any of the session(s) added to the Session Group can select one arriving bus and one departing bus from the buses also added to the group.

Remember that there's one transportation form per Session Group and campers can pick one arriving method and one departing method on the form - even if they're enrolling for multiple sessions in the group. To see the transportation form from the parent's perspective, click here.

  • To let campers choose a different arriving/departing method for each session they're attending, create a different Session Group for each session.

4. Configure your Transportation Form(s)

Manage the overall transportation form settings; control which transportation methods parents are able to see/select; add custom questions to the form; and create charges/discounts triggered when specific criteria are met.

For a more details on how to manage Transportation Form settings, click here.

5. Assign Campers to Vehicles

If you've created vehicles for your buses, you'll need to assign campers to specific vehicles.

To assign campers to vehicles one camper at a time:

  1. Go to their profile page
  2. Select the appropriate year tab
  3. Select the Transportation tab underneath
  4. Open the tab for the relevant Session Group

For a more detailed explanation on how to find/use this tab, click here.

To assign campers to vehicles in mass:

  1. Create an advanced report with the campers you need to edit
  2. Add a field for the vehicle of the session group(s) they belong to
  3. Enable mass editing of the vehicle field(s) and make the necessary changes

For a more detailed explanation on how to mass edit vehicle assignments, click here.

Other Transportation Module Tools

You can also generate bus rosters and directions via the reports on the Transportation Dashboard, and add transportation exceptions for campers/staff (i.e. assign a different transportation method for a specific timeframe).

To learn more about Transportation reports, click here.

To learn how to make transportation exceptions, click here.

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