Guidelines for High Quality Reference Photos

CampSite uses a camper's reference photo to identify and tag the camper in photos uploaded throughout the summer. Therefore, it is important that the camper's reference photo be as high quality as possible, in order to provide the most accurate matches.

What makes a good reference photo?

  • The camper is the only person in the photo.
  • The photo is taken with the camper looking straight at the camera (as opposed to looking at an angle).
  • The background is a solid color that contrasts with the camper's face.
  • Lighting should be consistent across the camper's face (i.e. minimal shadows).
  • If the camper normally wears glasses, braces, etc., they should be worn in the reference photo.
  • Important: The photo should be taken as close (time-wise) to camp as possible, to ensure the camper's appearance in the reference photo is similar to their appearance at camp.

Examples of good reference photos:

Examples of bad reference photos:

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