Uploading photos via Camp Today

Upload photos as you normally would by adding a blog and then a photo post.

You will notice that after adding a photo post, under "Facial recognition status" it will say "Queued for processing". The status will change to "Processing" shortly after a post finishes uploading. Note that processing takes longer for posts with many photos, and that posts are processed one at a time.

When complete the staus will say done and list the number of facial matches it made.

  1. If for some reason the facial recognition did not recognize the camper, you can manually add a match to the photo. You can only add campers who are in sessions for this Camp Today blog, and who have had a reference photo uploaded.
  2. Name of the camper.
  3. Reference photo from the profile page.
  4. Percentage of confidence/accuracy.
  5. Ability to delete in the case that the facial recognition got it wrong.  (cases may include, but are not limited to twins, or siblings with very similar features)  

Manually adding facial recognition

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