Camper Profile: Uploading a reference photo and viewing matches

Uploading a reference photo

In order for a camper to be recognized by the facial recognition system, CampSite uses the camper's profile photo as a "reference photo." 

Note that a new profile photo must be uploaded after the Facial Recognition module has been added to your database in order to be used as a reference photo. Profile photos that were uploaded before your camp added Facial Recognition are not automatically used as a reference photo.

Also, reference photos expire each year, so a new profile photo must be re-uploaded yearly for facial recognition purposes.

To manually upload a new profile photo/reference photo for a camper, click on the current profile image/thumbnail and select an image to upload. 

Once finished, refresh their profile page and the 'Ready for facial recognition?' field will say Yes and link to the camper's reference photo.

The 'Camp Today Media' Tab

Under the enrollment year there is a new Camp Today Media tab which houses any facial recognition matches for a camper. Admin users are able to view the created date, which blog the photo is associated with, which post it came from, and actually view the image through a SmugMug link. The option to delete an image from a camper's profile is also available.  

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