Application: Settings

Control the overall settings of your Staff application, including which pages of the application are enabled; the minimum age to apply; and the automatic email to be sent when an application is completed.

Access the application settings from the "Application: Settings" tab within the Staff tab of your database Admin settings.

Application Sections

The staff application contains 10 sections, or pages, as listed under the Application Sections here.

The "Education", "Employment", and "References" pages come included with prewritten questions. These questions cannot be edited, but you can customize whether the overall page displays on your application, and/or if certain items are required. You can also add custom instructions/text to the top of each page via Application: Instructions.

The "Qualifications", "General Questions", and "Position Specific Questions" pages do not contain built-in questions - they consist only of the custom content you've created via the Staff Setup Wizard.

Active Column

Toggle the active setting for each application section to choose whether or not they actively display on your application. If yes, that section will appear as another page in the application. If no, that page/step will not appear.

Required Column

Education (schools), Employment, and References can be made required in order for the applicant to complete their application.

  • Choose whether none, 1, 2, or 3 items are required for each page, using the dropdown list under the "Required" column.
  • Note that when an item is required, the applicant must answer all questions for that item in order to submit the page.

Other Settings

Staff application minimum age: Designate a minimum age for applying. If an applicant does not meet this age requirement, they cannot access the application.

Number of positions an applicant can apply for: Limit how many positions an applicant can select to apply for when completing the "Basic Info" page.

Applicant age as of: If you've set a minimum age, specify the date as of which they must turn that age.

Present text messaging opt-in on staff application? For camps using our Text Messaging module, select whether to ask applicants to opt-in to text messages on the "Basic Info" application page.

Application started confirmation e-mail: Select a saved e-mail to send automatically once an applicant creates an account for your Staff Dashboard.

Application completed confirmation e-mail: Select a saved e-mail to send automatically once an applicant submits the final step of the application (i.e. "Terms & Conditions").

View the Application

To see how your application looks, create a fake staff account and log into your Staff Dashboard like a staff applicant would, then open the Application via the sidebar menu.


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