Application: Settings

Control the overall settings of your Staff application, including which pages of the application are enabled; the minimum age to apply; and the automatic email to be sent when an application is completed.

Access the application settings from the "Application: Settings" tab within the Staff tab of your database Admin settings.

Application Sections

Choose which pages actively display on your current Staff application.

  • The Staff application comes included with several pages that contain built-in questions. Those pages are: Education; Employment; Certifications; and References.
  • You cannot edit any built-in questions. You may add custom instructions to the header of these pages via Application: Instructions.
  • The "Qualifications", "General Questions", and "Position Specific Questions" pages do not contain built-in questions - they consist only of the custom content you've created via the Staff Setup Wizard.

To remove a certain page from your application, select "No".

Other Settings

Staff application minimum age: Designate a minimum age for applying. If an applicant does not meet this age requirement, they cannot access the application.

Number of positions an applicant can apply for: Limit how many positions an applicant can select to apply for when completing the "Basic Info" page.

Require staff upload photo during application? If required, the applicant must upload a photo before they can proceed with the entire application.

Applicant age as of: If you've set a minimum age, specify the date as of which they must turn that age.

Present text messaging opt-in on staff application? For camps using our Text Messaging module, select whether to ask applicants to opt-in to text messages on the "Basic Info" application page.

Application started confirmation e-mail: Select a saved e-mail to send automatically once an applicant creates an account for your Staff Dashboard.

Application completed confirmation e-mail: Select a saved e-mail to send automatically once an applicant submits the final step of the application (i.e. "Terms & Conditions").

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