Dropdown lists

Dropdown lists contain specific responses that can be selected from a dropdown menu. By associating a dropdown list with a certain question or custom field, you can limit the responses to a list of preset values.

All of your camp's dropdown lists are stored/managed under your camp's DB Management settings.

To access your camp's dropdown lists, go to Admin > DB Management > Dropdown lists.

Note that every CampSite database comes included with standard dropdown lists. These lists are already attached to standard questions that come built into various forms (e.g. collecting the person's gender when their account is created, collecting lead source information via "how did you hear about us?", etc.) While you can edit the values on these lists, you cannot use these existing lists on any custom questions that your camp creates.

From the dropdown lists tab, you can:

Create a Dropdown List

Navigate to the dropdown lists tab of your DB Management settings, and then click "Add new dropdown list..."

  1. Name the dropdown list*
  2. Save changes

*Parents etc. will not see the name of a dropdown list--admins will reference lists by name when selecting which list to attach to a dropdown question or custom field.

Next, you'll add values to the dropdown list.

Add Values

  1. Click the name of the dropdown list to expand it
  2. Type a value into the text box
  3. Click Add Value

Continue typing/add values until you have the list that you need.

Edit a Dropdown List

Click the name of the dropdown list to expand it and view the current values included in the list.

Rearrange Values

Change a Value

Dropdown list values cannot be edited. If you want to change a value, you can remove it and then add a new value.

Remove a Value

To completely remove a value from the list, you can delete it. You can also make a value "admin only", so that it's only removed from the parents' view, but still accessible by admins.

  1. Make a value admin-only by double clicking the word No, changing it to Yes, and then clicking OK.
    'Admin only' values are not visible to parents etc., but admin users can see/select it if needed.
  2. Or, double click to delete the value (for admins as well)

Delete a Dropdown List

Camps can delete any custom dropdown lists they've created, if the dropdown list is not currently linked to a question or custom field.

The standard dropdown lists that come provided with CampSite cannot be deleted.

To delete an entire dropdown list, double click the red delete button on the far right of the dropdown list name.

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