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Admin users can manage their personal settings via the "My Profile" page.

To access "My Profile," click the link in the navigation bar containing the account name for the admin user currently logged into CampSite.

Here, the user who's currently logged in can manage several different settings for their account; these settings will not affect any other admin users within the database.

1. Change my Password

Change the current password used to access your CampSite account. Passwords be at least 8 characters in length, contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

Click "Save changes" to apply the new password to your account. Starting with the next time you log into CampSite, use the new password to access your account.

  1. Nav bar searches default to linking to the campers family profile.  Click here to link directly to the campers profile when searching in the Nav bar.
  2. Set up what e-mail notifications that you receive. (We strongly encourage all users to sign up for the "CampSite status updates" list before the summer, in order to stay in the loop if any issues affect the availability of the CampSite application.)
  3. Here you can opt in to our new beta program.  You can opt out of it at anytime.

2. Settings

Specify your preference for how CampSite redirects when you select a camper from your navbar search results.

If this setting is not selected, clicking on a camper from the search results will direct you to the camper's family profile. To access the camper's profile, users then need to click the camper's profile photo.

If this setting is selected, clicking on a camper from the search results will direct you straight to the camper's profile.

Click update settings to apply these settings.

3. E-mail Notification Lists

Select this setting to receive e-mail notifications in case of an event affecting CampSite's availability.

If selected, any status emails will be sent to the email address designated for the user's CampSite account. Users may also visit the CampSite status page manually to view any status updates -

4. Beta Programs

Opt in / out of CampSite's current Beta programs for new functionality that's still in testing.

  • Responsive design beta: Choose if/when to display CampSite in the new mobile responsive layout.
    • All devices: Responsive design beta pages will load when using CampSite on any device (including a laptop/desktop computer).
    • Mobile devices only: Responsive design beta pages will load when using CampSite on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone, but not a desktop or laptop computer.
    • None: Responsive design beta pages will never be loaded.
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