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Admin users can manage certain settings for their user account via the "My Profile" page.

To access your "My Profile" page, click the link in the navigation bar containing your name (or, when using our mobile layout, the cog wheel icon in the top right).

1. Change my Password

Change the current password used to log into your CampSite account. Passwords be at least 8 characters in length, contain one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

Click "Change password" to apply the new password to your account. Starting with the next time you log into CampSite, use the new password to access your account.

2. Settings

Choose for how CampSite redirects when you search for/select a camper in the navigation bar.

  • If this setting is not selected, clicking on a camper from the search results will direct you to the camper's family profileTo access the camper's profile, users then need to click the camper's profile photo.
  • If this setting is selected, clicking on a camper from the search results will direct you straight to the camper's profile.

Click "Update settings"  to apply any changes.

3. E-mail Notification Lists

Select this setting to receive e-mail notifications in regards to CampSite's availability status.

If selected, any status emails will be sent to the email address designated for the user's CampSite account. Users may also visit the CampSite status page to manually view any status updates -

Click "Update subscriptions" to apply any changes.

4. Beta Programs

Opt in/out of current Beta programs for new functionality that's still in testing.

Responsive design beta: Choose which CampSite layout you want to use when you log in on different devices. The responsive design optimizes CampSite when logging in on a cellphone/tablet, but can also be used on larger screens (like laptops and desktops).

  • All devices: Responsive design beta pages will load when using CampSite on all devices (including a laptop/desktop computer).
  • Mobile devices only: Responsive design beta pages will load when using CampSite on a mobile device such as a tablet or phone, but not a desktop or laptop computer.
  • None: Responsive design beta pages will never be loaded.

See below for examples of the responsive layout vs. the legacy layout on a laptop/desktop screen.

Responsive layout

Non-responsive layout

5. API Key

For camps who have purchased access to CampSite's API, manage your API key and access our API documentation here.

If you're interested in purchasing API access for your CampSite database, email CampSite support via

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