Accrual periods

CampSite offers two different reports for generating your expected revenue per camp session: the Camper Accrual Summary (By Session) and the Camper Accrual Summary (By Accrual Period) report.

An accrual period consists of multiple camp sessions you've grouped together. That said, you can either generate your expected revenue for each individual camp session using the Camper Accrual Summary (By Session); or, generate expected revenue for an accrual period (i.e. multiple sessions combined), using the Camper Accrual Summary (By Accrual Period).

Before you can generate the Camper Accrual Summary (By Accrual Period) report, you must define your accrual periods first.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Camper Financial Tools" and select "Accrual Periods."

Create Accrual Periods

  1. Select the appropriate enrollment year
  2. Click 'Add new accrual period'
  1. Name the accrual period
  2. Select which sessions to include in this accrual period
  3. Click 'Add accrual period' to create the period

Note: You cannot assign a session to more than one accrual period.

  1. Click and drag to rearrange the order your accrual periods appear in.
  2. Double click to edit the accrual period name/sessions.
  3. View the sessions currently assigned to the accrual period.
  4. Double click to delete the accrual period.

Reporting on Accrual Periods

The accrual periods you create will appear on the Camper accrual summary (by accrual period) report. To learn more about using this report, click here.

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