Accrual assigner

CampSite's accrual assigner identifies any charges or discounts that are not assigned to a session, and helps you assign the proper session to those transactions.

Why should I use the accrual assigner?

CampSite's accrual reports (i.e. the Camper Accrual Transaction Log; Camper Accrual Summary By Session; Camper Accrual Summary by Accrual Period) allow you to report on your earned revenue per session, based on all of the charges and discounts assigned to each session in your database. Learn more by clicking here.

If any charges and discounts haven't been assigned to a session, CampSite will not include those transactions when calculating revenue for that session, which means your accrual report results won't be accurate.

By assigning every charge and discount to a session, you're ensuring that your Accrual reports include all of your transactions so that the numbers you generate on these reports are correct.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Camper Financial Tools" and select "Accrual Assigner."

Each row of data on the accrual assigner page represents a different transaction. Transactions will be presented in chronological order, starting with the earliest transactions first. If you have multiple pages worth of transactions that need to be assigned, you can access the additional transactions after you assign the first page.

CampSite will auto-suggest which sessions to assign the transaction towards based on a few factors (e.g. what sessions is the associated camper enrolled in?) You may click and edit which sessions have been selected, or leave the sessions as-is and use CampSite's suggestions.

For each transaction:

  1. View the transaction details.
  2. View the camper details and how confident CampSite is about the suggested session(s).
  3. Use the dropdowns to select which session(s) to assign to the transaction.
    To add more sessions, click "Add session breakdown..." To remove a session, double click the delete icon.
  4. Confirm the amount to allocate towards each session. If assigning a transaction to multiple sessions, all session amounts must add up to the total transaction amount.

After you've reviewed every transaction on the page, click the "Submit session assignments" at the bottom.

If you have additional transactions to assign, they'll appear on the page after the first batch have been submitted.

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