Camper Accrual Summary (By Session)

The Camper Accrual Summary by Session generates the total amount of charges per session (including discounts and reversals), broken down by transaction category.

  • This report does not include payment, credit, or refund transactions (because these transactions are not tied to specific sessions - only charges and discounts are.) 
  • That said, this report represents what you've charged (asked families to pay) for each session, but not the actual payments you've received.

As such, this report allows camps to identify the revenue they can expect to receive per session (once all charges have been paid for).

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Camper reports" and select "Camper Accrual Summary (by Session)."


Filter which sessions to generate the total charges for, and/or which transactions are included in the results.

  1. Choose which enrollment year to report on
  2. Filter transactions by transaction type
    • By selecting 'Reversal', the report results will include reversals of any of the other transaction types that are also selected - e.g. selecting only "Charge"and "Reversal" will generate current charges and reversed charges.
  3. Filter which sessions to generate the total charges/discounts for.
  4. Filter transactions based on the date they were created. Leave blank to search all dates.
  5. Click Run Report to generate your results


 If a charge or discount is not assigned to a session, it will not be calculated towards into this report. This can skew your report results.

To fix this, use CampSite’s Accrual Assigner to identify all charges/discounts that are not currently assigned to a session and assign them as needed. 

Learn more by clicking here.

Report Results

  1. Double click to print the report results.
  2. Double click to export the report results as a spreadsheet.
  3. View the results for each session, displayed in a separate table.

Results per Session

For each session included in the report results, view the following details:

  1. Session name.
  2. Each of your camp's transaction categories, displayed in separate rows.
  3. The GL code assigned to each category.
  4. The total amount of charges posted for the session, per category.
  5. The total amount of discounts posted for the session, per category.
  6. The total amount of reversed charges or discounts posted for the session, per category.
  7. The grand total of charges per category (less any discounts and reversals).
  8. The overall grand total of charges for the session (less any discounts and reversals) - i.e. the revenue you can expect for this particular session.

Expected Revenue

Look at the bottom right cell in each session table for the total charges/amount of expected revenue for that session (once all charges have been paid).

In the screenshot above, Camp Firewood currently has $133.56 in charges posted for the Afterschool Program - Fall Semester - Fridays session, so they can expect to receive that much money for this particular session once all families have paid those charges in full.

  • If your camp requires parents to pay in full at the time they enroll, and therefore no families have an outstanding balance after enrollment, then you will have already received the expected revenue indicated on this report.
  • If you offer payment schedules, you'll receive the expected revenue once all invoices are paid.
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