CSI gateway report

The CSI Gateway Report reports on the status of the transactions that were processed via your CSI payment gateway.

  • Log into your CSI portal directly to obtain more information about transactions.  

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Reconciliation reports" and select "CSI gateway report."


Filter which transactions are generated into the report, based on:

  1. The date the transaction was created in CampSite
  2. The date the transaction was settled by the CSI payment gateway
  3. The transaction type (click here to learn about each type)
  4. Click "Run report" to generate results

Report Results

  1. Double click to print or export the results
  2. View the individual transaction details
  3. View the totals per transaction type

Transaction details

View an itemized list of all transactions generated onto the report (per your report filters).

For each transaction, view:

  1. The transaction date (i.e. when the transaction was created in CampSite)
  2. The transaction type (click here to learn about each type)
  3. The transaction amount
  4. The payment method used for the transaction
  5. The family to which the transaction was applied.* Click to view their profile.
  6. The ID number for the transaction within your payment gateway
  7. The date the transaction was settled by your payment gateway

*You may see "unknown" listed for the family name when it comes to returns. When this happens, the best way to identify the family associated with the return is to log into your CSI payment portal and search for the return (using the 'payment gateway ID' number indicated in your report results).

Transaction Totals

View the grand totals of each transaction type for all the transactions that have been generated into the report results.

  1. View the transaction type
  2. View the total amount of all transactions of that type within your report results

Transaction Types


Payment made by a customer, i.e. funds withdrawn from the customer’s account and deposited to the merchant’s account.
A full refund of a specific payment. In CampSite, refunds are created by opening a payment on the family's profile page and clicking the "refund" button within the payment details.
A "partial"/custom refund that's not linked to any particular payment. In CampSite, these refunds are created by clicking the “New Refund” button on the family profile page.
Payment or refund that was cancelled before being reaching the payment gateway.
Payment that got declined and was not successfully processed.
Checking account (ACH) payment that has not been withdrawn from the customer account because it was not honored by their bank (e.g. due to insufficient funds, etc.)
Payment that has not been processed as the account is in blacklist due to previous hard decline.
A disputed payment; these funds were removed from the merchant’s bank account and returned to the customer’s account (by the customer's bank).
Reversal of a payment card chargeback, i.e. money is given back to the merchant or customer.

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