CSI gateway report

  1. Filter by the date the transaction was posted in CampSite.
  2. Filter by the date the transaction was settled by the CSI payment gateway.
  3. Select certain transaction types.
  4. Run the report.

Transaction Types

Sale - Payment made by a customer, i.e. funds withdrawn from the customer’s account and deposited to the merchant’s account.

Refund - Refund of an exact transaction, i.e. when an entire payment is refunded to the original account used to make the payment.

Credit - An arbitrary refund created using the “New Refund” function on the family profile page, i.e. where the refund does not match an original transaction on file.

Void - Payment that has been reverted before reaching the payment gateway.

Decline - Payment that got declined.

Return - Checking account (ACH) payment that has not been withdrawn from the customer account because it was not honored by the bank.

Blacklist - Payment that has not been processed as the account is in the blacklist due to previous hard decline.

Chargeback - A disputed payment; these funds were removed from the merchant’s bank account and returned to the customer’s account (by the customer's bank).

Reversal - Reversal of a payment card chargeback, i.e. money is given back to the merchant or customer.

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